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Graduate Schools

North American Universities with graduate programs related to Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (listed in alphabetical order):

Please note that we rely on our community to help keep this list up to date. If you know of a program to add, or any changes in faculty or programs, please notify us at christopher.klug AT gmail.com

  1. Air Force Institute of Technology
    • Lt Col Kenneth W. Burgi
  2. Case Western Reserve University
  3. Colorado School of Mines
  4. Colorado State University
  5. Clemson University
  6. Florida International University
  7. Florida State University
  8. Hunter College, CUNY
  9. Indiana University
  10. Lehman College, CUNY
  11. Michigan State University
  12. New Mexico State University
  13. Oregon State University
  14. Stony Brook University
  15. Tennessee Technological University
  16. Texas A&M University
  17. Texas Tech University
  18. UMass Lowell
  19. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa 
  20. University of Alabama, Birmingham
  21. University of California, Berkeley
  22. University of California Davis- Biomedical Engineering
  23. University of California, Irvine
  24. University of Central Florida, Orlando
  25. University of Florida, Gainesville
  26. University of Iowa, Iowa City
  27. University of Manitoba (Canada)
  28. University of Maryland, College Park
  29. University of Missouri, Columbia
  30. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  31. University of Notre Dame
  32. University of Pittsburgh
  33. University of Rochester
  34. University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  35. University of Texas, Austin
  36. University of Utah
  37. University of Washington
  38. Washington State University
  39. Washington University, St. Louis


DOE/ACS – Nuclear and Radiochemistry Summer Schools

The Department of Energy has funded these long running summer schools. Currently stipends are $4,000 for these 6-week summer schools, and students can also earn college credits.  The dates for 2024 are June 17 – July 27.  The deadline for …

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Faculty Position(s) – JMU

James Madison University (JMU) Chemistry & Biochemistry is conducting a cohort hire for faculty to begin in Fall 2024. We seek to fill three tenure-track positions. At least one position is in nuclear chemistry, radiochemistry, or adjacent areas. Successful candidates will …

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PostDoc Position – INL

The Glenn T. Seaborg Distinguished Postdoctoral program at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is designed to nurture early career Ph.D. scientists and engineers with specific focus on the actinide elements in support of nuclear energy, nuclear fuel cycle, and proliferation topics. This is an annual call posting posting that will be open for applications from September 1 until January …

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Post-Doc Position – VCU

The Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering (MNE) at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has established The Minority Serving Institutions for Manufacturing Sustainable Isotopes and Mainstreaming Scientific Inclusion (MSI3) and is seeking a post-doctoral research scholar to perform and lead radiochemistry …

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Post-Doc Position – Univ of Washington

Postdoctoral Scholar in the Radionuclide Production and Molecular Radiotherapy Research Laboratories within the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University of Washington(https://radiationoncology.uw.edu/research/research-labs/wilbur-radiochemistry-lab/ ) Position Description:The Radionuclide Production and Molecular Radiotherapy Research Laboratories in the Department ofRadiation Oncology at the University …

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PostDoc Positions – ORNL

The Glenn T. Seaborg Initiative (GTSI) of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is committed to enhancing and maintaining US capabilities in actinide science and technology by helping to attract, develop, and retain the workforce of actinide scientists to meet the …

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Post-Doc Openings – LLNL

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has openings for 2 post-doc radiochemists for: development of novel radiochemical separation and delivery techniques at the micro scale for production of targets for high energy density programs. (NIF) https://www.llnl.gov/join-our-team/careers/find-your-job/all/radiochemistry/3743990000545796 and for development of novel radiochemical …

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Post-Doc Fellows – LLNL

Applications are being accepted through October 1 to provide extraordinary postdocs an opportunity to pursue independent, ground-breaking research in a National Lab setting. The Laboratory is committed to making their experience at LLNL positive and rewarding. Please visit the program …

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Graduate Fellowships – NNSA/PNNL

Applications are still being accepted for the NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program through October 7, 2022. For more information visit the program link above or see the flyer for the program. To apply, please visit the link above. Minimum Qualifications Be …

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Summer Internship – LBNL

LBNL invites undergraduate or graduate students to apply for a new Summer 2022 Internship Program — named Ingenuity (http://go.lbl.gov/ingenuity) — in the Earth & Environmental Sciences Area (EESA) at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy, the Ingenuity internship program is focused …

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