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PostDoc Positions – ORNL

The Glenn T. Seaborg Initiative (GTSI) of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is committed to enhancing and maintaining US capabilities in actinide science and technology by helping to attract, develop, and retain the workforce of actinide scientists to meet the needs of the nation.

1) Oak Ridge National Laboratory is in search of a PostDoc to hire in the Advanced Nuclear Fuels for Nonproliferation Applications program. This program focuses on developing new nuclear fuel forms and increasing the permissible service envelopes of known nuclear fuels in collaboration with industry and other DOE laboratories. The program’s goal is to screen and advance fuel concepts and materials technologies to enable high performance, compact nuclear reactors for remote power generation, space exploration, and other demanding environments. This objective requires advances in manufacturing technologies, improved understanding of nuclear fuel properties as a function of processing variables, development of novel test irradiation capabilities, and enhanced post irradiation examination methodologies. This call will specifically focus on topics related to solid state processing of actinide materials, radiation effects in actinide compounds or nuclear fuel systems, and property measurements relevant to development of nuclear fuel forms.

For further information or to apply, https://jobs.ornl.gov/job/Oak-Ridge-Glenn-T_-Seaborg-Initiative-TN-37830/1010664600/

2) This call is supported by the Plutonium-238 Supply Program which seeks to reestablish a domestic supply of heat source plutonium-238 oxide in support of NASA’s deep space and planetary exploration missions. This call will focus on advancing the understanding of liquid-liquid extraction and ion exchange techniques as applied to the chemical separations needed within the Plutonium-238 Supply Program. Research which considers the study of redox chemistry as applied to neptunium/plutonium nitrate solutions is of specific interest.

For further information or to apply, https://jobs.ornl.gov/job/Oak-Ridge-Postdoctoral-Research-Associate-Glenn-T_-Seaborg-Initiative-TN-37830/1016493600/

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