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Post-Doc Positions – ANL

Argonne National Laboratory has postings for 2 post-doc positions – in analytical chemistry and in strategic security sciences. U.S. Citizenship is required for both positions. Please visit the postings for more information or to apply.



Radiochemist – NY State

The NY State Public Health Lab (Wadsworth Center) is in search of a radiochemist for public health lab science. For more information or to apply please visit https://careers-healthresearch.icims.com/jobs/5619/research-scientist-i-%28nysphc-fellowship-program%29/job

DTRA Rad/Nuc Scientist Position Available

DTRA is advertising for a Rad/Nuc Scientist position in Kaiserslautern, Germany.
The job announcement is for a Government Civilian (GS-13) Physical Scientist. 
—->   It closes 02 March 2022.

In accordance with guidance from the Agency Director that we see the maximum number of applicant resumes to ensure we are looking at a diverse field of candidates:  we have advertised using a Direct Hiring Authority.
In order to use this STEM Direct Hiring Authority, we were required to cut the Nuclear Engineer series (0840) from the announcement, BUT WE STILL ENCOURAGE Nuclear Engineers to apply, as the Nuclear Engineering discipline is very applicable.

Under this Direct Hiring Authority, there is only one announcement for each job. 
Please forward/share these announcements as you see fit.
THE LINK TO THE ANNOUNCEMENT:  https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/616531400

*NOTE:  The salaries for the positions in Germany appear to be “low”, but, the salary listed for these positions does not include benefits which are offered in Germany: a Cost of Living Allowance and housing (rent/utilities)–all of which are tax free.  I would encourage potential candidates to follow the links in the announcements for more information.
You might also look here:  https://aoprals.state.gov/Web920/location_action.asp?MenuHide=1&CountryCode=1089 (look for Kaiserslautern) and https://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/site/faqlqa.cfm

ADDITIONALLY, to improve our process, I am sharing this with all potential applicants:
1.  In the past we have had applicants who ‘select themselves out’ by not submitting a complete packet (document missing, signature missing,…)
  –> please check your submission for completeness AND, as much as allowed, follow up with the HR team that takes your application.

2.  I would ask those who apply to inform me directly, (Patrick.A.Lofy.civ@mail.mil) of their application — and, if comfortable, to share your resume directly with me.

from the announcement:
“We are seeking a candidate with a preferred strong academic background in nuclear science or nuclear engineering, such as might be attained via a Ph.D. degree program, and past experience in radiological/nuclear (R/N) detection. The candidate should be able to analyze R/N threats and related detection problems in order to provide operational, scientific and policy solutions to the Contingency Operations Department and supported units. The candidate’s background in R/N detection development and detection theory should accompany the ability to effectively communicate and instruct both technical and non-technical audiences, from the individual to the senior official level, in conducting effective R/N search operations. The prospective candidate should have experience in the interpretation of both detection and spectroscopic R/N data, and the operational recommendations that would accompany data analysis and interpretation. The focus of this position is not research, but instead is the training, advising and assisting of tactical units while deployed into a wide variety of environments.”

Scientist Position – LANL

Los Alamos National Laboratory is looking for an exceptional Scientist to join our Weapons Production directorate. Our diverse workforce enjoys a collegial work environment focused on creative problem solving, where everyone’s opinions and ideas are considered.

The Advanced Recovery and Integrated Extraction System (ARIES) program (AMPP-3) in the Actinide Material Processing & Power (AMPP) Division in the Weapons Directorate is tasked with the disposition of 34 metric tons of surplus nuclear material to meet the Nation’s nuclear non-proliferation and national security objectives. The ARIES mission includes the disassembly of surplus items, conversion and stabilization of plutonium metal to oxide, processing of the oxide to meet specifications, physical and chemical characterization of the oxide, and packaging of the of the oxide for transportation or storage. Characterization examines physical properties including particle size, surface area and bulk and tapped densities, and chemical properties including moisture content and quantification of elements of interest. It also supports Nondestructive Assay of plutonium, uranium, and other actinide material components produced and packaged during the ARIES process.

For more information or to apply please visit https://lanl.jobs/los-alamos-nm/science-and-engineering-scientist-12/2662D9A6E45F48728EA2BAADFCB36C77/job/

Post-Baccalaureate/Grad Fellowships – APHL

The Association of Public Health Laboratories has been awarded five years of funding by the CDC to establish a Fellowship program in multiple disciplines. The funds come from the American Rescue Plan, specifically to address the national shortage of public health scientists that has been experienced during the pandemic. There are eight Fellowship Tracks. Applications for the Summer cohort are due February 28th, 2022. The Environmental Health track has been advertised by Jill Taylor, Senior Adviser for Scientific Affairs, as being of particular interest for radiochemists.

Links to website for discipline specific information and a link for how to apply:

Bioinformatics                 https://www.aphl.org/fellowships/Pages/Bioinformatics.aspx

Biorisk Management     https://www.aphl.org/fellowships/Pages/biorisk.aspx

Environmental Health   https://www.aphl.org/fellowships/Pages/Environmental-Health.aspx

Food Safety                      https://www.aphl.org/fellowships/Pages/food-safety.aspx

Infectious Disease          https://www.aphl.org/fellowships/Pages/Infectious-Diseases-Laboratory-Fellowship-Program.aspx

Informatics                      https://www.aphl.org/fellowships/Pages/informatics.aspx

Quality Management    https://www.aphl.org/fellowships/Pages/quality-management.aspx

Newborn Screening       https://www.aphl.org/fellowships/Pages/PHL-NBS.aspx

Note: In the Environmental Health Track one lab has confirmed they are looking for a radiochemist.

The fellow will be assigned an independent research project in one of the following areas: environmental radiochemistry, radiological emergency response or radiobioassay. In addition to research, the fellow will also have opportunities to gain first-hand experience in radiological surveillance our lab conducts for New York State, network with other fellows and participate in graduate level courses though SUNY Albany.

About our lab:

The Wadsworth Center’s Nuclear Chemistry Laboratory (NCL) program has two objectives:  mandated radiological surveillance in NYS and research in radiological sciences. The surveillance program assesses exposure of the population to ionizing radiation and involves monitoring of the environment around nuclear power plants for fission products, as well as monitoring of drinking water supplies for natural radioactivity. Programs focusing on radiological emergency response to potential accidents or terrorism threats involving radioactivity are performed in cooperation with NYS agencies as well as with US FDA for radiological food protection. The research in radiological sciences is primarily concerned with the development of new and more sensitive methods to detect ionizing radiation in environmental, food, and bioassay samples, such as alpha and gamma spectrometry and liquid scintillation counting.

We are looking for a fellow with experience in chemistry and who is comfortable working with low-levels of radiation in an environmental laboratory setting. We would prefer a M.S. or Ph.D. level candidate, but may also consider a well-qualified B.S. level applicant.

Summer Internship – LBNL

LBNL invites undergraduate or graduate students to apply for a new Summer 2022 Internship Program — named Ingenuity (http://go.lbl.gov/ingenuity) — in the Earth & Environmental Sciences Area (EESA) at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL). Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy, the Ingenuity internship program is focused on cultivating a diverse, talented next-generation workforce in the field of geologic nuclear waste disposal. The main pillar of this program is to connect with student applicants from underrepresented backgrounds in an effort to engage them in the future of this industry. Ultimately the goal is to raise awareness and excitement about careers in this field. For more information or to apply visit the Ingenuity website.

Staff Scientist – LBNL

LBNL is looking for a nuclear scientist to join their heavy element research group. This is not an entry-level position. For more information or to apply please visit https://lbl.referrals.selectminds.com/jobs/physicist-staff-scientist-engineer-4511

PostDoc – ANL

The Postdoctoral Appointee will be part of a team conducting applied R&D for the development of high-temperature electrochemical processes in molten salt electrolytes, including the pyrochemical treatment of used nuclear fuel, with the goal of recovering purified products for use in advanced reactors.

As a part of this work, you will:

  • Apply and improve pyroprocess operations such as electrorefining and oxide reduction at engineering- and pilot-scales in various systems to support industrialization.
  • Conduct standard electrochemical measurements (cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, polarization tests, etc.) and innovative experiments in molten salt electrolytes to advance the technical understanding of processes occurring in molten salt and molten salt chemistry.
  • Assess and improve process efficiency, monitoring, and product quality and recovery to optimize cell design and operating conditions.
  • Communicate effectively with supervisors, peers, and Laboratory management through status updates, technical research reports, project presentations, and other regular channels.

For more information or to apply please visit https://argonne.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Argonne_Careers/job/Argonne-National-Laboratory/Pyroprocess-Engineering-Postdoctoral-Researcher_411711

DTRA Rad/Nuc Scientist Position Available

There is an opening in Stuttgart, Germany for a R/N Physical Scientist. Please see the job ad/apply at https://www.usajobs.gov/job/625444300 or contact patrick.a.lofy.civ AT mail.mil for more information.

This opening has closed.

PostDoc – ORNL

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate who will support the Isotope Applications Research Group in the Radioisotope Science and Technology Division (RSTD), Isotope Science and Engineering Directorate (ISED) in the area of actinide science. In this position, you will synthesize new actinide complexes and utilize advanced characterization techniques. The Isotope Applications Research Group is involved in advancing radioisotope technologies, for medical, industrial, research and national security applications.

For more information, visit the ORNL jobs site