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DOE Isotope Program LRP

The NUCL division has been contacted by Larry Cardman, Chair of the Nuclear Science Advisory Subcommittee on Isotopes to determine the research needs of our community for stable and radioactive isotopes. The committee is specifically seeking input for the Long Range Plan (LRP) for the DOE Isotopes Program. The charge to the committee is available at the website: science.energy.gov/np/nsac/reports/

A preliminary report was submitted to the NSACI Subcommittee on November 14, 2014. The copy of the report can be obtained by emailing Paul Mantica (mantica AT msu.edu). Input on the questions below is still welcomed from NUCL members. Paul Mantica will represent NUCL at the NSACI meeting January 20-21, 2015 in the Washington, DC area.


Please comment on the following:

Your uses of isotopes that are supplied by the DOE Isotope Program.

Your assessment of the availability of these isotopes. Are they already, or may they become in short supply?

How does the DOE Isotopes Program support your needs?

How could the DOE Isotopes program better support your needs?

The degree to which your direct interactions with the DOE Isotope Program provide you with adequate input to and transparent information about plans and priorities relevant to the programs of your members.

Do you have any comment on the process used by the DOE Isotope Program in the consideration of transition of isotopes from DOE production to commercial production?

Identify any important goals you would like to see included in the Long Range Plan for the DOE Isotopes Program.

Identify any isotope-related research projects you would like to see included in our evolving list of compelling opportunities for the next decade.

Explain the basis for your interest in these R&D isotope projects.

Any further comments you have relevant to the charge.


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