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John R. Huizenga, 1922-2014

John R. Huizenga passed away at the age of 92, peacefully, in his sleep. He had lost strength during the prior months but until last was able to enjoy communication, love and care by his family gathering around him in La Jolla, CA.
You are aware of John’s seminal scientific contributions to nuclear physics, starting from his early involvement in the Manhattan Project, his contributions to the discovery of elements 99 and 100, his many publications, including the book on nuclear fission (coauthored with Robert Vandenbosch) and his pioneering work on heavy-ion reactions. He has also made many contributions as a citizen to the community such as leading a committee on the “cold fusion fiasco.” John’s work has been honored by numerous awards and fellowships including his election to the
Academy of Sciences.
John was admired and deeply appreciated, as a scientist, group leader and mentor by his students and associates. He will live in their hearts and minds.
Posted June 17, 2014