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250th ACS National Meeting

August 16-20, 2015

Boston, MA

“Innovation from Discovery to Application”


Abstract Deadline is March 24, 2015


Submit abstracts at http://maps.acs.org/


Please contact Jeff Terry (terryj AT iit.edu) or Dave Hobart (dhobart15 AT gmail.com) with your suggested symposium topics.


NUCL Programming

  • Analytical Chemistry in Nuclear Technology
  • Organizers: Charles Coleman (charles02.coleman AT srnl.doe.gov), David Hobbs (david.hobbs AT srnl.doe.gov), and Dominic Peterson (dominicp AT lanl.gov)

  • The Physics and Chemistry of the Heaviest Elements
  • Organizer: Walter Loveland (lovelanw AT onid.orst.edu)

  • Transformation and Transport of Radionuclides in the Environment
  • Organizers: Maxim Boyanov (boyanov AT anl.gov), Ken Kemner (kemner AT anl.gov), Ed O’Loughlin (oloughlin AT anl.gov)

  • Radiopharmaceutical Design and Applications
  • Organizer: Alan Packard (alan.packard AT childrens.harvard.edu)

  • General Topics in Nuclear and Radiochemistry
  • Organizer: Jenifer Braley (jenifer.braley AT gmail.com)