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NAS Workshop on Mesoscale Chemistry

The National Academies Board on Chemical Sciences and Technology. Chemical Sciences Roundtable, is pleased to announce that it will host a workshop titled Mesoscale Chemistry November 6 -7, 2014 in Washington, D.C.

The 1.5 day workshop will center on the research on chemical phenomena with a particular focus on the collective and emergent behaviors at the mesoscale. Mesoscale chemistry can be loosely defined as the scale between the microscopic (molecular) and macroscopic (bulk) scales, where interesting ensemble effects exist that present opportunities for developing new functionality of materials and understanding of biological and interfacial systems, as well as challenges for analysis and description. Advances in theoretical, computational, synthetic, and analytical techniques have supported the extension of research into the study and development of mesoscale structures and processes. In addition to the workshop presentations, we anticipate a lively discussion with attendees and panelists, who will help identify opportunities and challenges in chemical and chemical engineering research at the mesoscale.
The workshop will include four sessions (listed below) over the course of the 1.5 days. Each session will be followed by a discussion, with an open discussion at the end of the workshop.

  1. Catalysis
  2. Membrane behavior/Microchemical systems
  3. Biomineralization/Geochemical
  4. Computational/Chemical Processes in Self-Assembly

Please visit the workshop website for more information about the agenda, speakers, and other additional details for the workshop. The workshop agenda is subject to change.

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