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Postdoctoral Position, University of Kentucky

We have an immediate opening for a postdoctoral scholar to work with
the low-energy nuclear physics group at the University of Kentucky
Accelerator Laboratory (UKAL). Most of the research of our group is
performed at the University’s 7-MV electrostatic accelerator;
however, we also perform experiments at larger facilities, such as
TRIUMF and HIγS. Related topics in nuclear spectroscopy, neutroninduced
reactions, and neutron scattering are the focus of our
research program, which includes selected studies in these forefront

  • nuclear structure relevant to double-beta decay
  • nuclei undergoing shape transitions
  • collective excitations and shape coexistence
  • nuclear structure clues in searches for fundamental symmetries
  • precise and accurate neutron scattering cross sections for the development of advanced, high-temperature nuclear reactors
    The measurement of short lifetimes with the Doppler-shift
    attenuation method (DSAM) following inelastic neutron scattering is
    crucial in many of these studies. We frequently work in collaboration
    with theorists and data evaluators.
    This appointment is for one year and is renewable for a second year.
    The successful candidate is expected to contribute to all activities of
    the laboratory and should have demonstrated expertise in nuclear
    spectroscopy or cross section measurements. Please send applications
    or inquiries, before July 15, 2014, to Prof. Steven W. Yates, Director,
    UKAL (yates AT uky.edu).

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