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Principal Radiochemist – TerraPower

TerraPower, LLC is on a mission to build a highly efficient, low-cost and carbon-free energy solution to help utilities and industries reach decarbonization goals. We are seeking a highly talented and motivated candidate for the position of Principal Radiochemist to directly contribute and take leadership roles to fulfill this mission. The Principal Radiochemist will directly be involved in experiments related to the Molten Chloride Fast Reactor (MCFR) technology and is expected to work at the interface of nuclear reactor development and novel waste reduction technologies. The candidate should have demonstrated laboratory capabilities in radiochemical experimental design and implementation. It is anticipated the candidate may serve as Principal Investigator (PI) on several experimental efforts.

This position interfaces with a dynamic cross-functional, multi-cultural, interdisciplinary team in which effective communication, teamwork and collaboration is required, while maintaining composure to act safely, ensure quality of data, and enable timely decision-making. The position requires contribution to experiment design, execution, and data analysis on chloride based molten salt systems that directly contributes to address gaps in understanding of molten salt chemistry that are needed to transition to a demonstration reactor program. Some specific requirements of the position involve (but are not limited to) actinide salt synthesis, salt analysis and characterization, and thermodynamic and kinetic property measurements of actinides and fission products in high temperature molten salts.

For more information or to apply, please visit https://www.terrapower.com/contact-us/careers/#op-600177-principal-radiochemist

*Doctoral degree in Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Physics, Nuclear Engineering, or Materials Science has specifically been mentioned.

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