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50th Anniversary Newsletter

The NUCL-50th-Anniversary-Newsletter celebrating the 50th anniversary of the division achieving full status with the ACS is now available. Highlights include:
> ACS NUCL Division 50th Anniversary: Introduction
> From the Cold War though Nuclear Deterrence: Four
Decades at the Savannah River Laboratory
> Reflections on My 70 years in Chemistry
Darleane Hoffman
> Challenges and Rewards in Nuclear Chemistry
> Probing and Understanding the Science of the
Actinide Elements
> So What do you get for Being a Member of the Division
> Evolving Professional Preferences
> History of the Division of Nuclear Chemistry and
Technology’s Summer Schools in Nuclear Chemistry
> Reflections on 50 Years in Nuclear Science
> A Career from Petrology to Nuclear Science
> From Nuclear Chemistry to Nuclear Medicine: The Role
of NUCL Chemists in Medical Imaging
> In Memoriam: Alan Davison 1936 – 2015
> In Memoriam: Gregory R. Choppin 1927-2015

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